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8000 Metric Ton Forge Press Line
STOCK #100425


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A press line is available for purcahse that consists of one (1) 8000 
Metric Ton National MaxiPress, One (1) 4000 Kw Inductoheat inductioion
 Heater and One (1) 440 Ton Bliss Straight Side Trim Press.

This line was orginally installed at the facility in 2012. The 8000 
Metric Ton MaxiPress was rebuilt at that time. Included was all new 
electrical and pneumatic contriols including an Angstorm tonnage 
monitoring system.

The total production hours on this line since installation amounts to 
approximately 2015 hours. The reason for the availablity is the 
product line that it was originally purchased for declned to a point 
that other production lines could absorb the volums.

Forge Press									
Press Manufactured by: The National Machinery Company, Tiffin, Ohio 
USA 44883			
National 8000 Metric Ton (8800 US Ton)		
High Press forging Maxi-Press		
Friction Clutch: V-Belt Drive				
Total Approximate Press Weight:	1,400,000#				
Strokes per Minute:	34					
Floor Space F-B x R-L: 19'-11" x 20'-11"				
Die Space F-B x R-L: 62" x 72"					
Side Window (Unobstructed): 38"W x 55"H				
Height of press above floor: 24'-8"					
Height of press below floor: 76"					
Stroke Length 18"			
Shut-height adjustment 54-1/8" to 55"		
Vertical Adjustment of wedge 7/8"			
Diameter of eccentric bearing 53-1/4"			
Width of eccentric bearing 40-3/4"			
Diameter of tie rods 24"			
Diameter of upper K.O. pin 4"			
Diameter of lower K.O pin 4"			
Maximum stroke of upper K.O. pin 4"			
Maximum stroke of lower K.O. pin 5"			

Induction Heater			
Inductoheat, Madison Heights, MI
Induction Heater size 4000 Kw
Material: Steel
Part Diameters:	4.25 - 7.00 Rd
Billet Lengths:	5.625 - 16.563"
Production Rate: 23,150 lbs per hour @ 4000 Kw for a 7" RD Billet
Temperature Required: From ambient (70 F to 2282 F with  75 F
surface to center temperature differential (at coil end).
Trim Press			
Manufactured by: Bliss
Model: 210A
Motor Size: 40 Hp
Strokes per minute:	35
Shut-height: Modified from 34" to 32"
Slide Adjustment: 6
Bed Size: 36" x 36"
Gear Ratio: 8.95 : 1

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